Naga City Mayor Bongat arrives in Canada for a speaking engagement


Outgoing Naga City Mayor John Bongat has landed safe and sound in Canada for a speaking engagement.

Bongat arrived today, June 24, his birthday and coincidentally the feast day of St. John the Baptist.

“LANDED SAFELY IN OTTAWA, Canada’s capital city, via Toronto. Will be here till the 28th of June on official business, as one of the plenary speakers, carriyng the name of our beloved City of Naga, at the International Metropolis Conference, all expenses paid by the organizers,” the outgoing Mayor said.

“It’s 12:30am here of June 24th, the Feast of St John the Baptist, my natal day,” he said.

Mayor Bongat said that the first thing he’ll do in the morning is to find a church to give thanks for all the blessings he received.

“So I’ll be catching some sleep after the long haul, and when I wake up by 8am (Canadian time) later, the first order of my day is to look for a church to thank God for the gift of life, the blessings I and my family have received all these years, and for being blessed with a loving family and a caring community,” he said.

Mayor Bongat will step down in office on June 30 after serving as Naga’s local chief executive for 9 years.