Farewell! Outgoing Mayor Bongat gets surprise tribute from Naga City Hall employees


Outgoing Naga City Mayor John Bongat has received a surprise tribute from the city hall employees today.

Bongat was welcomed today at the city hall with flowers, dedications, kind words, among others from the employees.

“HOW CAN A SURPRISE TRIBUTE TO AN OUTGOING MAYOR be any sweeter than one coming from no less than his fellow workers at city hall,” Bongat said.

“Thanks for the flowers, the hugs and kisses, the words of gratitude, the songs, the mementos, the plaques, the cake, the laughter, and yes, the tears, and above all, the love,” he added.

Bongat will step down as Naga City’s local executive chief after serving three terms as mayor.

The outgoing mayor will also celebrate his birthday on June 24.

“I didn’t just hear or see it! I felt it! I mean it when I say Dios mabalos sa gabos-gabos! Btw, thanks to the owners of these photos, I grabbed them from your posts,” said the Mayor.

Bongat will be replaced by Vice Mayor and now Mayor-elect Nelson Legacion.

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