Embracing motherhood! Outgoing Masbate VG Revil says mothers have unique way of raising kids


Outgoing Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil is embracing motherhood now that she’s about to leave public service.

The Masbate Vice Governor said that every mother has a “unique” way of taking good care of the kids.

“Every mother is unique. We have our own ways of raising our children, of showing them our love & care, of giving them the best of who we are & what we have,” VG Revil said.

Revil is a mother of five. She just gave birth to her fifth child last December, Karisma Vie.

“I’m Kaye, mother of 5. This one is my 5th child Karisma. Just as every mother is unique, the seasons of our lives that children are given as blessings differ too,” said Revil.

“One thing is for sure that is the same— we all need God’s grace always in all ways with our motherhood.”

Revil will step down as Vice Governor on June 30. She ran and lost as Masbate congresswoman last May 13 polls.