Naga City’s new batch of scholars attend general assembly, orientation


The new batch of city scholars for this school year have gathered at the Naga City People’s Hall for their general assembly.

The said assembly and orientation was spearheaded by the Education, Scholarships, and Sports Office of the city government.

“This year, over 300 scholars will be receiving financial assistance of either P9K, P13.5K, and P18K per semester (assistance vary depending upon exam result) under the Naga Tertiary Scholarship Program (NTSP) of the City Government,” said the city government.

“Members of the Solo Parents and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) sectors are also being granted with the scholarship,” it added.

Meanwhile, in another event, Persons With Disabilities have also gathered to share their desire to help in times of disaster.

“HOW CAN PWDs HELP IN RESPONDING TO EMERGENCIES? — the question aimed at in this 3-day activity of the HELP Learning Center Foundation, Inc. and LGU- Naga on Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM),” said the city government.

“Believing that Persons With Disabilities (PWD) sector is much more than a receiving end of government help and programs, PWDs who participated in the activity shared their desire to be of help and become active participants in responding to emergencies— raising their views in the existing DRRM programs and laying points that can be considered to make disaster preparedness, plans and operations of LGUs more inclusive for PWDs and PWD-responders to be,” it added.