Gov. Bichara meets with Mutya ng Magayon candidates

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Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara has met with the lovely candidates of this year’s Mutya ng Magayon at the Pepperland Hotel.

Bichara felt elated that this many of this year’s candidates have Albay roots as he wished all the aspiring candidates good luck on the upcoming coronation night.

The coronation night will be held on at the Albay Astrodome on May 30, 2019.

He also thanked all those that joined the plageant for their dedication in promoting Albay and its tourism.

“The 24 candidates are currently in-house in an undisclosed location and have ben making the rounds for various events, such as the recently concluded talent show at SM Legazpi and a Fashion Show at the Albay Astrodome among others,” said the province.

“Rehearsals are currently ongoing as the Mutya ng Magayon is one of the premier and most awaited events of the Magayon Festival year in and out,” it added.

The Capitol said that the Coronation Night is free of charge but due to the limited space, tickets will be limited.

“No date have been announced as to when the tickets will be made available,” said the province.