Sorsogon Governor-elect Escudero says Morales’ Hong Kong experience should serve as ‘wake up call’ for DFA


Sorsogon Governor-elect Francis “Chiz” Escudero said that what happened to former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales in Hong Kong should serve as “wake up call” for Foreign Affairs department.

Morales was denied entry in Hong Kong yesterday.

“I consider what happened to Former Ombudsman Morales
as a wake up call because, for me, providing assistance & clarifying all denials of entry imposed by any State on any Filipino is part of the DFA’s job of protecting/defending our nationals especially when they are abroad,” Escudero said.

The outgoing senator said that the DFA must give assistance to all Filipinos who are denied entry by another state.

He noted that while every State has discretion over its immigration policies, the Philippines can help Filipinos to get clarifications on these policies.

“While immigration policies are the sole prerogative of every sovereign nation, nothing prevents the DFA from providing any & all assistance to its citizens who are abroad & inquiring or getting a clarification as to what these immigration policies are as applied to its citizens,” said Escudero.

Meanwhile, Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin said that “critics” of other countries must consult with the DFA first.

“Agree but inquiry must be sub rosa. We do same to others. Might be good reasons of state for it…or bad. Public need not know more than a warning to avoid destinations. Critics of other countries must consult DFA CONFIDENTIALLY on wisdom of visiting. No wonder she fell for you,” Locsin told Escudero.