Despite her loss, Masbate VG Revil says her newborn daughter wins


Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil lost but her newborn daughter Karisma won.

Revil failed to win a congressional seat and that means she’ll have more time with her 5 month-old daughter.

“Karisma wins. She’s back to momma’s arms,” Revil said.

The incumbent governor did not succeed in unseating Masbate Rep. Elisa Olga Kho, garnering only 35,157 votes.

“That’s a very good number for not buying votes at all. There’s a lot of hope Masbateños, so please don’t despair,” said Revil.

“I’ve been receiving sad messages from those who hoped I win. Think about this- if only each of this 35,157 devoted time & effort to convince 4 other people who do not want to vote for me & be able to convert them then we could have won,” she said.

However Revil said that everything’s over now and until the system considers vote-buying as inevitable then “candidates like me will never find our way back to being elected.”

“To the 35,157 supporters I had, still thank you very much,” she said.

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