Bongat enjoys remaining ‘happy days’ as Naga mayor


Outgoing Naga City Mayor John Bongat will surely miss good days as the local chief executive and the perks that come with it.

Bongat said that “happy days” as mayor include gracing fiesta celebrations in various barangays and socializing with his constituents.

“BARANGAY BANQUET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FARM. MY HAPPY DAYS AS MAYOR include eating with people like these cut flower farmers in Brgy Pacol the boodle fight way,” said the Mayor.

“The tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked, hot, steamed rice served on banana leaves, with ginutaan na langka, adobong igwang taba-taba, naglalana-lanang natong coupled with maharang na Bicol Express have simply captured my appetite,” he added.

Mayor Bongat said that with these in sight, he couldn’t help it “but to eat heartily like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Such hearty eating is not to express one’s love for the food though,” he said.

“A deeper meaning would be that it is an expression of love for the people behind the food, and yes, behind the flowers!”

Mayor Bongat thanked the cut flower farmers for giving him certificate and a banquet.

“Thanks to Kgd Jhessa Ador and to all the hardworking farmers of Bicol’s acknowledged flower capital, Brgy Pacol! Congratulations, and BTW, happy fiesta!” he said.