Aika Robredo hopes to see Sen. Bam Aquino back in the Senate

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Bam is no definitely no bum.

Aika Robredo, the Vice President’s eldest daughter, expressed her appreciation of opposition Sen. Bam Aquino as she greeted him on his birthday.

Robredo shared a 2014 photo with Aquino in a Facebook post as she greeted him.

She said she wanted to share a photo from the 2016 campaign, but she couldn’t find any. This just indicates how Aquino prefers to work behind the scenes even if he is actually running the show.

She also thanked him for being selfless and generous, and said she hopes to see six more years of him in the Senate.

Have no doubt about it, Bam Aquino is her Senator!

“??6 days to go until May 13, and today is Sen. Bam’s birthday!!

This photo was taken during the TAYO deliberations back in 2014. I was trying to look for a photo from the 2016 campaign but couldn’t find anything — very telling of how well he works behind the scenes when in fact he actually runs the show! Thank you for being so selfless and generous. And I hope we will be lucky enough to have 6 more years of you in the Senate. Happy birthday, Sen Bam! Bam Aquino is my Senator!! ??,” Robredo posted.