Naga Mayor John Bongat remembers the workers who struggle to put food on the table


Not all who work for a living have the luxury of aspiring for big dreams.

Some are just struggling everyday to put food on the table, and Naga Mayor John Bongat took time to remember them on labor day.

Bongat, in a Facebook post, wished the best for the workers who make sacrifices and face the daily grind to reach their dreams for themselves and for their families.

But he recognized that not all workers could afford to have lofty dreams. Some of them are just aiming to have something to eat day by day.

Still, he has a lot of admiration for them as they do not lose hope for a better day. It is the right attitude, he said, and added that they could strengthen their resolve through prayers.

God is good and for sure, he will make life great, he said.

“SINCE IT’S LABOR DAY TODAY, may I say mabalos sa gabos na naglalapigot to make both ends meet and make our respective families feel happy for all the toil, the sacrifices, the daily grind as we try to reach for our dreams, not for ourselves, but for our families, and in my case additionally, for our beloved city. Yet for so many in this country, working is not about fulfilling those highfalutin dreams. It pains me to see them working not for those dreams but for some pesos to be able to feed their kids waiting for the food na itutundog sainda sa harong. I admire them for not losing hope that tomorrow will not be as harsh and promises to be a challenging yet (ful)filling day. Let’s not lose hope indeed, because we can rely on prayer to feed our ailing souls and put smiles on our faces. For isn’t it that one’s realization that God is good is the best realization that life is a gift! That life is great! #ValedictorySeriesMJB.54,” Bongat posted.