Masbate VG Revil says campaign to congress ‘very challenging’


Masbate congressional bet Atty. Kaye Revil that campaign period has been so far “very challenging.”

The incumbent vice governor said that it’s challenging to stand by your principles, specially that not everyone supports it.

“To all those following up how #REVILKAYEmpaign2CONGRESS is going- well, it is really very challenging to stand with your principles & fight for what’s good & right coz not everyone understands or even supports that,” Revil said.

However, Revil said she remains steadfast and not giving up because of the people she meets along the way.

“But we push on & along the way we meet people who feel with us & despite all that is- running against the moneyed TRAPO they are vocal of their wanting us to make it because they see through the advocacies, platform & vision we have, then we have won,” she said.

“For love & hope it is that we’ve freely given away. Not money,” added Revil.

Revil is running for Masbate 2nd district representative. She’s up against Rep. Elisa Olga Kho.