Ako Bicol party-list asks SC to stop provincial bus ban


Ako Bicol party-list on Monday filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to block the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) from imposing its “callous policy” of banning provincial buses from plying Edsa.

The group’s representative Alfredo Garbin Jr. said the party decided to file a petition for certiorari, prohibition and mandamus with application for writ of preliminary injunction/temporary restraining order to question the legality of the provincial bus ban.

The lawyer congressman said such a policy “had not gone thru public consultation hence violated ‘due process’ or the right of the public to know and be heard over an issue affecting them prior to its implementation.”

He added that MMDA’s statement that banning provincial buses to pass the thoroughfare would lighten the traffic congestion in EDSA is ill-advised and bereft of basis.

Per MMDA records, 2017, there were only 3,300 registered buses coming from the provinces plying through EDSA “which is way too far compared to the more than 12,000 city buses running around Edsa from dusk till dawn,” Garbin said.

This not to include the more than 200,000 private vehicles using the same highway every day, he added.

The Bicolano lawmaker said that if implementation of the MMDA ordinance pushed through “surely it would cause more burden and additional cost to the riding public and surely lengthen their travel time from the province.”

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