Masbate congressional bet Revil vows to fight for needs of Masbateños in lower House


Despite of inadequate machinery, Masbate congressional bet Atty. Kaye Revil said that all she can offer is the promise to fight for the needs of Masbateños at the House of Representatives.

Revil said that she will not resort to vote buying and all that she can offer is her brand of leadership.

“Sorry Masbate, I have no money to buy votes. I have not corrupted. I have nothing to give you but my commitment to serve, represent and fight for you and your needs in the halls of Congress,” Revil said.

The incumbent Masbate Vice Governor also expressed her gratitude to all the people who donated materials for her campaign.

“I would like to thank all those supportive of me despite the fact that I’m not the moneyed candidate. I’m also grateful to all those who donated my campaign materials,” she said.

“I’m just grateful now that I’m still alive.”

Meanwhile, Revil also left a word to her haters and “paid bashers.”

“To all my haters, paid bashers, you have no idea how much I love Masbate & all of you. You’ll probably realize it someday once I’m no longer your public servant,” she said.

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