San Fernando, Cam Sur’s first lady Michelle Mabulo pushes for honesty in everything


San Fernando, Camarines Sur’s first lady Michelle Mabulo not only believes in honesty, she practices it even in the littlest things.

Mabulo shared her thoughts about her recent experiences as she took time to reflect for the holy week.

In a Facebook post, she shared two instances when she learned the value of honesty. One was when a cashier forgot to charge her for 17 sausages and only charged her for one, and the other was when she was given an extra P500 in change when she was only supposed to get P20.

In both incidents, she didn’t hesitate to tell the truth. But, she mused, why would she even shortchange the cashiers when her family had turned down millions of pesos in the past to keep their principles?

While the amount for the sausages and the excess change may not seem big in comparison, it would have caused much hassle in the lives of the cashiers had she not been truthful.

Moreover, it would have led to her losing God’s blessing, she added.

This is why she never takes honesty for granted, regardless of how big or small the amount is!

“Maundy Thursday reflection:

Yesterday, when I was in a cashier in SM, the teller forgot to punch the remaining 17 sausages (longanisa) I bought and only billed me for only one. I had to stop her and told her that she missed some items.

Same time and store, I have to buy wines and so I paid again. The till gave me an enormous sukli of Php 520 from my original change of just 20 pesos. I told the cashier, she felt embarrassed but thanked me for being honesty.

That day, I could have earned 500 from a change I don’t deserve and 17 longanisa cost 153 pesos. But, 500+153 a price that will taint my dignity and a big chance to be unblessed by God. In the past, we have “turned down” 👎🏻millions of pesos in exchange for the principles we believe in. Ngayon pa? for just 653 pesos and losing God’s blessing?

In our daily lives, Sometimes we only see things beneficial to us not knowing it will wreck someone’s life (and we say, what the heck, it’s her fault not mine) Honesty these days is taken for granted. All the time, Freewill (choices) is given to us by God but it will also put a gap between us and the Lord. Let us live a life befitting to the eyes of God,” she posted.