Daraga Mayor Awin Baldo prays for fair fight


Daraga Mayor Awin Baldo is running for mayor while battling major attempts to prevent him from winning.

Baldo, who has been accused of masterminding the killing of his rival Rodel Batocabe, said on Facebook that he heard his enemies will do everything to prevent him from winning as mayor.

He was saddened by this, and said all he wants is a fair fight.

They may continue to malign him, but he will use his faith in the Lord as his shield, he said.

He will continue fighting!

“I heard that they will do everything, at all costs, para daw indi ako makasala na mayor. That’s really sad. I hope they can just fight fair. Pero padagus ako nagalaban — kasurog ko ang kamaturan. The darts they throw at me I shield with my faith in God, my protector. #LabanSana #LabanParaSaKamaturan #LabanDaragueno,” Baldo posted.

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