Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil spends bday in the hospital anew

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Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil spent her birthday in the hospital for the fifth year, but there’s no cause to be alarmed.

Revil is just continuing her tradition of visiting the sick and giving cakes to all the admitted patients at the provincial hospital.

Revil, in a Facebook post, explained that she chose to spend her special day in this way because the hospital was virtually her playground when she was young because her mother had been a nurse there.

She also explained that she chose to give away cakes because growing up, she did not always have one for her birthday as there were times money had been tight.

And now that she is enjoying a lot of blessings, she wants to share them with others, too, especially those who are sick.

Moreover, she shares her story of hope to inspire them that they can persevere and reach their dreams.

And in the future, they can pay it forward too like she does!

“Next stop for my birthday was at the Provincial Hospital. Been doing this for five years already- my annual birthday tradition of visiting the sick & giving cakes to all the admitted patients that day. Why here? Because growing up, the Provincial Hospital was like my playground. My mom has been a nurse here. After school, I would go to her. Why give cakes? Because back then, not every birthday I have had a cake. There are years that life is hard, so I don’t get to blow one. Waran handa, tipid tipid. I even remember during my 18th birthday I had no cake, no party too. So now that God has blessed me, I like to share cakes to the afflicted & tell them my story of how we can persevere in life & reach our dreams & hopefully once we do, we become instruments of God’s blessings too by paying it forward. ☺️??,” Revil shared.