Naga City’s Sanitary Land Fill will open soon, says Mayor Bongat


Mayor John Bongat will soon leave the Naga City Hall with a huge legacy.

Today, Mayor Bongat announced that Naga City’s Balatas Open Dump Site will be closed in exchange of the San Isidro Sanitary Land Fill.

The mayor said that the San Isidro SLF will be open “in a few months,” according to the city’s SLF TWG headed by CPDO Wilfredo Briñas Prilles Jr.

“THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE CITY’S NEW SANITARY LANDFILL (SLF) in Brgy San Isidro is in full swing. Just visited the project, as part of my routine job, to see to it that the base course and the man-made earth ridges surrounding the dumping area, are properly compacted,” the mayor said.

“The facility will include a big MRF, a facility-wide road and drainage system, a water treatment facility, a huge compost pit for biodegradables processing into organic fertilizer (and probably a waste-to-energy component in the next phase), among others.”

Mayor Bongat also said that he checked the finishing works on the concrete dikes and revetments to ensure they are on schedule.

“Early on, the city government has for several years already been conducting tree planting activities within the boundary lines surrounding the SLF’s 10-hectare expanse as well as transplanting of half-grown trees, as you can see in the background, to serve as buffer zone,” Bongat added.

Mayor Bongat will step down in office in June 30 after three terms or 9 years all in all.