Marinduque Rep. Velasco: Philippines needs to utilize clean energy resources

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Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco said that the Philippines needs to tap clean energy resources in order to provide electricity to up to three million Filipinos who do not have access to power.

Velasco said that the country need more sources of energy to meet the growing demand for electricity.

The solon noted that with the enactment of the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop Law, which streamlines the permitting processes of power generator, transmission, and distribution project, the government must push for the development of environment-friendly energy resources.

“As our population grows, it’s not only important to tap new sources of energy to meet the demand. We must also make it a priority to harness renewable sources of energy that are clean and cheap.”

Velasco is the current chairman of the House committee on energy.

The solon said that the country needs more windmills, solar panels, and hydro electric energy producers. He said that these are the areas that the Philippines needs to utilize.

“To increase renewable energy share in the market, the government needs to encourage more private investments in the energy sector, especially as the country’s energy requirement increases with its population,” said Velasco.