Ako Bicol partylist bucks MMDA’s total provincial bus ban on EDSA


Ako Bicol Partylist solons have filed a resolution at the House of Representatives expressing their opposition on MMDA’s total provincial bus ban along EDSA.

Rep. Ronald S. Ang and Rep. Alfredo Garbin, Jr., through House Resolution 2536 yesterday, noted that the ban on buses was implemented without even conducting a consultation with the affected stakeholders.

“[T]he implementation of the new MMDA policy that would affect the public without conducting public consultations and hearings is violative of the due process laws enshrined and protected under the 1987 Constitution,” the resolution read.

Under the new MMDA policy, provincial buses will end their trips at the Valenzuela Gateway Complex Integrated Terminal while those from the south will end their trips at the South Integrated Terminal in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

The partylist congressmen said that there’s no proof that the traffic along EDSA is “directly correlated” to the existence of provincial buses traversing it.

Ako Bicol pointed out that private vehicles and city buses also contribute to traffic congestion along EDSA and that the new policy will result in the increase of its numbers due to the inconvenience of the new scheme.

Citing MMDA’s 2017 data, Ako Bicol said that 3,300 provincial buses, 12,000 city buses, and over 247,000 private vehicles ply EDSA everyday.

“While the objective of the new MMDA policy is to ease the traffic congestion in EDSA, in reality, it merely relocates the traffic elsewhere permanently, burdening the local governments at the outskirts of Metro Manila and the commuting public coming to and from provinces,” the resolution read.

Ako Bicol said that the solution to traffic congestion lies on providing modes of transportation that are enticing even to those who own private vehicles.

The partylist added that the Metro Manila Council and MMDA should give priority to commuters who take public transportation.