The best for babies! Masbate congressional bet Revil pushes for breastfeeding


Aside from pushing her platforms for Masbate, congressional candidate Atty. Kaye Revil is likewise advocating for breastfeeding.

Revil shared that during a campaign sortie, she came across a mom who’s feeding her infant with milk formula.

The incumbent vice governor said that she even offered breastmilk, noting that it’s the “best for babies”

“I was out campaigning, saw a mom who was also at our Buntis Congress, she was feeding her 1 month old baby with powdered cow’s milk in a bottle,” Revil said.

“We had a good chat, I told her I’m still breastfeeding Karisma at 3 months & that it is really best for babies. I was even telling her I can have her baby feed from me right there & then (haha, yeah! Sakto pa it felt so heavy already as we were out the whole day, but yeah nahiya naman kami pareho haha) yup, just to prove the point that I’m serious about the advocacy,” she said.

Revil, running for Masbate’s 2nd district representative, just gave birth to her fifth child, Karisma, last December.

“Anyway, yassss fellow mommies, mula sa kapwa nanay na may malasakit, please breastfeed,” Revil noted.

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