Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason says we can all be leaders even without a position


You can be a leader even if you do not have an official title, according to Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason.

Tuason shared her thoughts in leadership on Facebook, saying we are all leaders in God’s eyes.

According to her, people could build the nation in the way they choose. All they have to do is to focus on what they could do to address the community’s concerns.

This is more productive than devoting their time criticizing others, she said.

If they focus on what they can contribute, no harm would come to them, with God’s grace and mercy, she said.

If only all leaders thought this way!

“A leader without a title? Is that possible? Hhmmmm in God’s eyes, we are❤️..

We can build this nation our/your/my way. Focus on what we/you can do to improve the concerns of the community you/we live. Instead of focusing on criticisms of what others do,focus on yourself and the BIG thing that you can do.. With God’s grace and mercy, nobody could harm you/me/us.

Enthrust to Him all our worries and let him takeover our lives🙏,” Tuason shared on Facebook.