Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco prays for a safe delivery for his wife in the holy land


Marindique Rep. Lord Allan Velasco is in a pilgrimage in the holy land with his kids, and it was the best place to pray for his loved ones.

During a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, they prayed for the safe delivery of his wife.

In an Instagram post, Velasco said they hoped that she would give birth on March 28, which is the President’s birthday, or March 29, which is the birthday of the President’s grandson.

They also prayed for healthy babies.

Since their prayers being offered in a sacred place, do these have a better chance of being heard?

“Kids and I started our Pilgrimage at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre ?? then walked around the Tower of King David ❤️ Prayer Requests: ?? 1] that our Queen V will give birth on March 28 (Prrd) or March 29 (Sting)?? Queen’s feeling it na kasi this morning #Miracle pls ?? 2] Safe delivery for our Queen V ?? 3] Healthy Babies: Sara Kristina ?? Lord Emmanuel ?? 4] 2 more pounds for Lord Emmanuel ????,” Velasco shared on Instagram.

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