Gulliver din! Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman now knows wha Malilipot residents are called


Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman had a Gulliver Swift moment when he first heard of the town of Malilipot.

Lagman, who is running for Vice Governor, said he once believed his sister when she told him that residents of Malilipot are called Maliliputians, similar to the Liliputians who lived in the fictional town of Liliput in Jonathan Swift’s story, “Gulliver’s Travels.”

Lagman, in a Facebook post, said he truly believed his sister because back then, he was gullible or “Gulliver,” slang for someone easily fooled.

But of course he knows better now.

Malilipot residents are called Malilipoteños, and he was happy to have visited the kind and respectful residents of this progressive town, he said.

His visit to Malilipot turned out better than Gulliver’s visit to Liliput!

“Sa nobela ni Jonathan Swift na “Gulliver’s Travels”, yung bida napadpad sa isla ng Liliput. Ang tawag sa mga naninirahan doon ay Liliputians. ?

May bayan sa Albay na pangalan ay Malilipot. Yung ate ko sinabi sa akin dati na ang tawag sa mga taga-Malilipot ay Maliliputians. Kase nga ang tawag sa taga-Liliput ay Liliputians. Akala ko seryoso siya at naniwala naman ako. ? Gulliver, este gullible, kase ako. Haha

Masaya ako’t nakasama ko pa lang ngayong umaga ang mga mababait at magalang na Malilipoteños ng progresibong bayan ng Malilipot. ???,” Lagman posted.

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