Love niya ‘to! Calapan Mayor Arnan Panaligan gets a visit from a famous clown


Calapan Mayor Arnan Panaligan had an unusual visitor at city hall recently.

This visitor had a full face of makeup and was dressed in strikingly bright red and yellow.

But it didn’t cause any alarm, as the image of Ronald McDonald is familiar to millions of Filipinos, including residents of Calapan.

The mascot of the golden arches and the staff of the McDonald’s branch in Calapan came to see the mayor and were warmly welcomed. Panaligan shared photos of the visit on Facebook.

Business seems to be booming in Calapan, and McDonald’s looks to be thriving in the city.

It looks like the partnership is going well!

“Friday visitors at City Hall – City Mayor Arnan C. Panaligan was visited by Ronald McDonald and the staff of the second McDonald branch in Calapan City,” Panaligan shared on Facebook.