3 months of pain: Gertie Duran Batocabe shares pic of hubby’s bloody wallet filled with family pics

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The bloodstained wallet of slain Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe showed what was important to him.

The wallet contained photos of Batocabe and his wife Gertie, and of Batocabe with his wife and two sons.

Gertie shared photos of the bloodied wallet when it was returned to her by the morgue.

It has been three months since the politiko was slain by gunmen who ambushed him as he was leaving a gift-giving event in Daraga, and the incident remains painful.

In her post, Gertie said she misses her husband so much and wondered, probably not for the first time, why they have to kill him.

Hopefully, the answers will become clear soon.

“Three months today….

Laman kan wallet nya kan inuli sako kan morgue su mga gamit buda bado nya. Grabeng kapungawan mi saimo Bá Rodel M. Batocabe. Nata ta kaipuhan ka pang gadanun ninda?

(His wallet when returned to me by the morgue together with his clothes. We miss you so much Bá. Why do they have to kill you?),” Gertie posted.