Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason pays tribute to the women in her life


Women’s month is all about celebrating women’s accomplishments and fighting for their welfare.

But Masbate City Mayor Rowena Tuason made it more personal by hailing the women who had been good influences in her life.

These are her Lola Poloy, who taught her to enjoy farm life; her Lola Pepay who never ran out of bread beside her bed; her mother Flor, who was always gracious and patient and instilled in her children the value of education, positivity, and perseverance; her Tiya Benet who stood as her second mother and taught her to be organized at home; her Lola Pat who taught her to value excellence in everything she does; and her daughter Soccii who is her mini-me and source of inspiration and love.

The mayor is not lacking in strong, loving female influences and is an example herself to the women in her city!

“Celebrating women’s month means celebrating the wins and losses of my life. And I thank all the women of my life starting from …

🙏Lola Poloy (Apolonia Guadarama Rejuso) for taking me to the farm and experience the serenity and bounty of the farm. I super miss your “balikutsa”, you cook the best baliktusa in Monreal

🙏Lola Pepay (Josefa Bartolabac Villamor. I was so young then when she stayed in our house. All I remember her was a lola who have lots of tinapay beside her bed. She cannot move much due to stroke.

❤️My mother Flor Bartolabac Villamor-Rejuso who is very gracious and patient in all our shortcomings. She supported the idea that good education is the best pamana to her children. She instilled in us the power of positivity and perseverance.

😁Tiya Benet, whom I consider my second mother. During my 3-year stay in her house back in high school, i never felt that I was not part of the family.I think I have adopted her being strict and organized at home.

🙏My dear Lola Pat (Patria Bartolabac Butalid) who instilled in me that there is no way but excellence in all that I do. Very supportive and caring Lola.Miss you in heaven

❣️my daughter Soccii Nenotchka Rejuso Tuason for being my mini-me. my source of inspiration and love.

“we make change work for women”

Happy Women’s month to all,” Tuason posted on Facebook.