Masbate VG Revil keeping her integrity intact amid sacrifices in public service


Being a public servant carries with it tons of sacrifices, but it doesn’t mean one has to lose his moral compass, so said Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil.

Revil, running for Congress this coming May 2019 polls, said that she has sacrificed a lot for public service, especially her time with her children’s schooling.

“Classes are over for the 2018-2019 school year. Here at the year end party of King’s class. How time have slipped so fast,” Revil shared.

“It has dawned on me that I only know a few of co-parents here.”

Revil recalled that prior to joining politics, she was active in parent-teachers’ association and even elected as its president.

“I recall, when I was not yet in public service, I would be class PTA & even school PTA president. Yeah for the girls (Jovi & Bavick) back then. And I was happy doing that- making my kids’ & their closest friends’ & classmates’ concerns be of utmost importance,” she said.

“I’ve been joyful to be trusted to lead a small group then, but I have progressed to leading an entire province,” she added.

Revil said that those were the things she had to sacrifice in order to serve the people of Masbate.

But despite that, the Vice Governor said that she only pray not to lose her integrity.

“Truly there have been sacrifices made. I just pray now to never lose my dignity. Yeah I’m in this event but my mind is elsewhere, can’t help not think about the upcoming rigors of the campaign,” she said.

Revil earlier said that she will put up a good fight in the upcoming elections but will never resort to vote buying.

“I now pray that in all of it, I shall keep my integrity intact. For in the end, I’m a mother to 5 who are my life’s greatest accountability. And as their souls matter most to me, the kind of example I lead takes precedence than any other ambition there is,” she said.