Basura mo, pulot mo! Coron Mayor Jerry Barracoso deploys waste pickers


It’s a common saying that cleanliness is next to godliness, and Coron Mayor Jerry Barracoso is making sure his town is free of garbage.

In a Facebook post, Barracoso said he had deployed waste pickers along the national highway going to the airport and going to Malbato and Bintuan.

This is to ensure that the road would be free from litter and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, it would infinitely be better if people themselves would stop littering so that the local government would not need to hire waste pickers.

Still, it’s a good step toward keeping Coron clean!


TAYO PO AY NAGTALAGA NA NG MGA WASTE PICKERS sa National Highway papuntang Airport at sa Junction papuntang Malbato at Bintuan upang mapanatili ang kalinisan sa mga nasabing daraanan. #LinisinAngCoron #MagingDisiplinadoPoTayo #MahalinPoNatinAngCoron #TulongTulongSaPagsulong #KeepCoronClean,” Barracoso posted.