Connection is key to progress, says Albay Rep. Fernando Gonzalez


Remote barangays in his district don’t have to continue living in isolation, according to Albay Rep. Fernando Gonzalez.

In fact, Gonzalez has touted the success of projects to connect barangas with urban centers and with each other.

In a Facebook post, he said this strategy boosted trade and economic activities, as in the case of Bgy. Paulba in Ligao.

Because of the efficient and interconnected road system, a new urban center is rising in Bgy. Paulba, he noted.

This means new road networks will mean the rise of new urban centers.

Brace yourselves, progress is coming!

“With the successful strategy of connecting with reliable all weather roads to all Barangays with the Urban Center and the continuing strategy is to interconnect the rural Barangay effectively with each other in order that this connected barangay may trade and conduct further economic/ social activities. As a example is Barangay Paulba in Ligao. Due to a efficient interconnected road system with multiple Upland Barangays there is now emerging a new Urban Center in Paulba. Therefore further increasing the interconnecting capacities of barangays will create an invironment for the birth of more urban centers which shall provide greater capacity for trade, commerce, economic and social opportunities to its inhabitants,” he posted.

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