Mayor Bongat invites Bicolano millenials to catch Wish Bus in Naga City


Mayor Jonhn Bongat has invited the millenials in Bicol to catch the Wish Bus of Wish 107.5 today in Naga City.

Mayor Bongat said that the “phenomenal” bus will feature budding singer from Naga City, including his own daughter Jade.

“Hi, millennials of Bicol! THE MUCH-AWAITED WISH BUS IS COMING TO TOWN! Yes, right here in Naga! The phenomenal Wish Bus of Wish 107.5 will be here the whole day [today], Friday, March 8, 2019,” he said.

The said Wish Bus will showcase the “singing on live stream of our very own budding local singers and bands, including our daughter Jade, to feature originals and OPMs in one of the world’s most popular youtube music channels with over 4.8 million subscribers worldwide.”

Mayor Bongat urged the residents to catch the bus along various spots in Naga City.

“Catch the bus in the identified pitstops (USI, BISCAST, Robinsons, SM) from morning till afternoon till the evening concert at the Plaza Quezon,” the mayor said.

“See you there! Please support our local artists as they try their luck in the global music arena,” he said.