Lord Allan to Otso Diretso: A little positivity will do you good

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Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco on Friday dished out unsolicited advice to the opposition candidates, saying their “tactic of negative campaigning” would not lift their numbers and might even alienate the electorate.

“More than helping them, I believe that the negative campaign of the opposition is hurting them,”

said Velasco, who is part of the campaign caravan of Hugpong ng Pagbabago, the regional party formed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Velasco is rumored to be one of the candidates for Speaker in the next Congress after the President and his daughter referred to him as the next Speaker in an event last year.

“The voters want to hear what the candidates can do to improve their lives, what the candidates

can offer to provide jobs and what the candidates have to say on health care. Hopefully they

would focus on these important issues to help the electorate decide in the coming election,” the

lawmaker said.

According to Velasco, the Duterte administration is “making headway in fulfilling its promises,

such as the exemption from paying individual income tax returns of some 7.5 million people,

increase in unconditional cash transfer, fuel subsidies to PUJ operators, universal health care,

free college education and the massive infrastructure projects that generate jobs.”

“These are the hard facts. These are the solid achievements of this administration,” he said. “Does the opposition want the government to take these away from the people who truly

deserve these benefits?”

Various pre-election surveys show that candidates of the Otso Diretso slate are performing poorly

in terms of voter preference.

“If they inject a little positivity into their campaign, there’s a chance they can persuade the voters

in their favor. Mahaba pa naman ang kampanya,” Velasco said.