Albay Capitol’s tourism office teams up with NCAA for cultural mapping training


The Albay Capitol’s tourism unit has teamed up with National Commission for Culture and Arts and UNESCO Manila for the conduct of training on cultural mapping.

Participants during the 6-day training were researchers and mappers from the 18 Cities and Municipalities of Albay, as well as professors from Bicol University.

“The cultural mapping project in the Province of Albay is designed to train individuals selected by the province to conduct a purposive mapping of the 18 municipalities in line with the nomination of Mount Mayon as a World Heritage Site,” the Capitol said.

“The 6-day training aims to educate the participants to understand more the framework of heritage and its legal mandates, and appreciate the uses of cultural mapping in the context of local governance,” it added.

Researchers and mappers were taught basic techniques, methods, ethical principles in cultural mapping to apply the concepts of heritage mapping through actual fieldwork in the province.

During the first day of the training, Fr. Harold Rentoria, OSA-NCCA Commissioner for Cultural Heritage discussed a lecture on “Understanding Filipino Cultural Heritage and R.A. 10066”

“The advantage that we are doing the cultural mapping, each LGU now will have each data bank of their local culture and heritage that we can be used for tourism purposes” Ms. Dorothy F. Colle, Provincial Tourism Officer, said.

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