May fall back! Masbate VG Revil says she has career outside politics


Opportunity is endless for Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil even if she won’t win in her congressional bid this coming elections.

Revil earlier said that she will never engage in vote buying just to win her candidacy, noting that all that she can offer is her brand of leadership.

She said that after that statement, people expressed their concerns about her stand.

“Some of them ask what am I going to be if I’m not in politics. Well, I’m a lawyer, an Atenean lawyer,” Revil noted.

“I’ve studied really hard to be one. And I’m used to working my best wherever I find myself. With God’s graces, I’m still going to have a career & a decent life,” she added.

Revil said that she’s not bothered about losing as long as her morality and conscience remain intact.

“So don’t worry about me not winning because I don’t want to engage in vote-buying. By doing so, I believe that my conscience wins no matter what,” she said.

“Just worry more with the never ending cycle of corruption that looms this nation, unless we do something about it now,” she added.

Revil is running as Masbate representative this coming May 2019 polls.