San Fernando, Cam Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo finds win-win solution for rice hay surplus


San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo has found a way to turn hay into something more useful.

Mabulo said a rice field owner was supposed to burn his hay, but he decided to ask for it instead.

The mayor then saw children playing in the field, and asked if they wanted to make some money for their baon.

They agreed and had them gather the hay and bring these to his cows and pigs.

Mabulo’s animals were happy and fed, and the children made some extra cash.

Everybody wins!

“The owner of the rice field was supposed to burn the rice hay tonight. I asked him if i can have it. He said its ok for me to have it. These kids were just playing so i asked them if they want baon for school tomorrow. They were happy and more than willing to gather the rice straw and bring it to my cows and pigs nearby for a fee. I think i was able to tickle their entrepreneurial young minds. #HappyFarmer #HappyKids,” Mabulo posted on Facebook.