Mayor Bongats asks Nagueños to support their representative to Wishcovery singing competition


Mayor John Bongat has urged his constituents to back their kababayan who made it to the grand finals of an online singing competition.

Bongat asked Nagueños to view the YouTube video of Ma. Paula Guevara of USI for the Wishcovery Season 2.

“I am requesting all of you, my fb friends, to give our all out support to our kababayan, Nagueňa singer Ma. Paula Guevara of USI, one of only 8 grand finalists in Wishcovery Season 2, the biggest and grandest online singing competition in the world,” the mayor said.

“PLEASE view Paula sing on youtube her new single entitled “I am a Singer and this is My Song,” an original composition of her official vocal coach Moy Ortiz of The Company,” he added.

The mayor also asked his supporters to like and leave positive comments on the music video to increase her chances of winning.

“And by viewing and liking her MTV or by sending your positive comments while viewing it, the higher the chances of her winning. The more we view it, the more points she’ll get and the higher the possibility of her song to go trending,” said the mayor.

Viewing started yesterday at 12 noon until 12 noon next Monday, February 25, 2019. The views of the video will comprise 25% of Paula’s final score.

“My fellow Bicolanos worldwide and to the rest of Paulanatics out there, please watch her online, vote and share now!!!,” Bongat said.