Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman says youth rehab center a product of local-natl govt collaboration


The troubled youth of Albay would get to have a second chance at life thanks to its Regional Rehabilitation Center for the Youth.

Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman said the center was put up thanks to the efficient land banking of Albay province, which allowed the local and the national government to collaborate for important projects.

Their cooperation led to the construction of indispensable, progressive and socially-relevant infrastructures, he said in a Facebook post.

The Regional Rehabilitation Center for the Youth is a product of national-local synergy, he added.

Because of this good outcome, the youth in Bicol who get in trouble with the law would still get a chance at redemption, he further said.

If the youth are the future, it’s best to save them now!

“This is one of the rewards of efficient land banking in Albay province. It paves the way for national-local government convergence that results in indispensable, progressive and socially-relevant infrastructures. This Regional Rehabilitation Center for the Youth is a prime example of this nat-loc synergy. Thank you, DSWD RD Arnel Buison Garcia, Albay governor Al Francis Bichara and heads of allied provincial offices for this collective effort! Every Bicolano is assured that no youth in conflict with the law in the region will be beyond redemption with these kinds of infrastructures and programs in place. They will all be eventually rehabilitated and be productive members of society,” Lagman posted.