Give love, donate blood: Masbate VG Revil organizes bloodletting activity


She’s not even officially back in office from her maternity leave, but Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil is already working for her constituents.

Revil has initiated a bloodletting activity tomorrow, a tradition she started years ago.

“Happy Valentines Day Masbate! Cheers to this tradition of loving we’ve been organizing since years back. See you all,” the Vice Governor said.

Revil said that the qualifications for blood donors are as follow:

Age: 18-65 years old;
16-17 years old must be with parental consent;
60-65 years old only when regular donors & with physician clearance;
Weight: at least 115 lbs. / 52.5 kilograms;
Blood pressure: 90-130 systolic 60- 90 diastolic;
Travel abroad for a period of more than 1 month must have stayed in the country for 12 months;
Travel abroad for a period of less than 1 month must have stayed for 1 month;
No major/ minor surgical procedure within a year;
Tattooing/ piercing: 12 months after the procedure;
No medicine or alcohol intake for at least 24 hours;
No smoking 4 hours before and after blood extraction;
At least 6 hours of sleep;
Must be physically healthy.

Revil is currently under maternity leave as she has just given birth last December for her fifth child.