Albay Gov. Bichara graces Agriculture and Fishery Council, Magsasakang Siyentista meeting


Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara has graced the consultative meeting of the Agriculture and Fishery Council (AFC) and Magsasakang Siyentista (MS) yesterday.

The governor has touted the establishment of the Albay Farmers’ Bounty Village, which is a “subdivision that is a one-stop-shop farmer’s complex for processing, packaging and marketing produce.”

Bichara said that the Albay Farmers’ Bounty Village was built for the farmers so that they could market their produce.

“That’s why facilities like the Trading Center is built for farmers in order for their local products to be known. Marketing Division also existed for lower priced supplies,” the province said.

Bichara also saud that the village can contribute to feeding programs and other activities needed in a community.

“On the other hand, this consultative meeting aims to plan and set directions on how Agriculture and Fishery Council will harmonize the operations and implementation of the different agri-fishery programs and projects with the municipal, provincial, regional and national levels,” the province said.

The said consultative meeting today was held at the AFBVill, Farmer’s Auditorium.