What does she miss the most about her late husband? It’s the simple things, says Daraga mayor bet Gertie Batocabe

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What does she miss about her late husband?

Gertie Duran-Batocabe was speechless when she first heard the question.

But now she knows the answer — it’s the simple things they usually do together.

Gertie, wife of the slain solon Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe, said that losing her husband was her “most painful experience.”

Rep. Batocabe, together with his aide, was killed in an ambush last December 22 while attending a gift-giving event in Daraga.

“Losing a spouse has been my most painful experience. As they say, grief is the price we pay for love,” Gertie said.

“A reporter once asked what I miss most about you and I wasnt able to answer. I know now, its the ordinary, simple, regular, everyday things we do together that I miss doing again with you,” she said.

Rep. Rodel was trying to unseat incumbent Daraga mayor Carlwyn Baldo when he was killed.

Gertie has officially substituted Rep. Batocabe as Daraga mayor candidate for 2019 polls.

“Everything I do now has a deeper meaning, deeper purpose because of this,” Gertie said.