Child friendly city! Naga Mayor Bongat visits playground constructed by city gov’t


Naga Mayor John Bongat has visited one of the playgrounds built by the city government as part of the One School, One Playground Project.”

Bongat said that seeing a traditional playground is a “sight to behold” as children enjoy it.

“VISITING playgrounds with the traditional slide, swing, seesaw and other playground equipment covered with attractive, multicolored rubber protection constructed by the city in public elementary schools citywide, for school children to enjoy just like in the good old days, is a sight to behold,” Bongat said.

The Naga City Mayor said that this simple project aims to make children be more physically active as well as improve their social skills.

It also aims to keep children away from “addictive computer” games.

“This simple “One School, One Playground Project” of the city government like this one in Triangulo Elementary School has indeed served its purposes well – to keep our children physically active and away from those addictive computer games that distract them from studying, to improve their social life by playing with their peers, and above all to keep them inside the school and happy,” he said.

“A playground that makes them happy is one great reason for these children to keep coming back to school day after day,” Bongat noted.