Naga Mayor John Bongat mourns James Ingram’s death


For Naga Mayor John Bongat, the song Just Once was a big part of his life.

This is why Bongat was saddened over the news of Ingram’s death.

In a Facebook post, Bongat said Just Once was his favorite and Ingram, a Grammy winner, is his idol.

He wished for Ingram’s soul to rest in peace and thanked him for his songs that brought joy not just to his life but to the lives of millions in the world.

He called for prayers for Ingram’s eternal repose.

He may be gone, but his songs will live on!

“JUST ONCE. The singer of this favorite song of mine, my idol, the soulful, Grammy-winning R&B singer from Ohio, James Ingram, died of brain cancer yesterday at 66. Rest in peace, James, like the peace and joy your songs have given me and millions of people worldwide in your lifetime and beyond!

Please join me in offering prayers for his soul’s eternal repose,” Bongat posted.