Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia mentors the future generation of leaders


Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia is more than happy to welcome senior high school students from the San Lorenzo National High School to Tabaco.

The students will stay at the city government for work immersion.

In a Facebook post, Onrubia said the work is not easy and can be challenging, but it is also fulfilling at the same time.

She hoped the experience will inspire them to love public service and help them understand what it is all about.

After all, the government needs young, dynamic, and committed servants, she said.

These students could be who the government is looking for!

“Welcoming this group of senior high students from San Lorenzo National High School. They will conduct their work immersion at the city government. Happy to see you, SSG President Vincent Juarez Bonafus and your batchmates. 😊

Working in the local government is quite challenging (challenging talaga, beshies, pero fulfilling). I hope this immersion program will not only improve your abilities learned in school, but will develop in you deeper awareness and love for service. The government institutions are calling for young, dynamic, and committed servants. 😊,” Onrubia posted.