Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil has the sweetest son

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Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil couldn’t help but gush about how thoughtful her son King can be.

In a Facebook post, Revil shared anecdotes of her son being very sweet.

In one instance, King asked if she was using the wifi or her phone’s data because he will reset their router, and he didn’t want to disrupt her work.

She also recalled that he always asks permission to drink pineapple juice or eat the last slice of cake or pizza. While he can easily do these even without permission, he still makes the effort to ask, she says.

In return, she makes sure their pantry is stocked with the kind of food he loves.

Revil mused that God is like this. While there are things we can do ourselves, he gives us further guidance and blessings when we pray for the deepest desires of our heart.

Looks like she is so inspired by her son!

“#KingRevil: Mom are you using the wifi or your own data?

Me: My own data. Why?

King: Because I’m going to reset the wifi, it’s so slow, your work might be interrupted.

He did ask me 2x on different times. This boy is really so sensitive & courteous. He always does it for many things. Like he would ask permission if he can drink a can of pineapple juice in the fridge coz he knows those were bought for me specifically or if he can eat the last piece of chocolate or last slice of pizza & the likes. Of course he can! But yeah, he would still ask. And most of the time if not at all times he would get to do what he wants & I would always keep in mind his needs & wants too. Like upon knowing he loves pineapple juice I would buy more of it, restock on chocolates, consider pizza always for snacks etc.

Makes me think- maybe God our Father is like that too. There are things we want & we can actually do it ourselves, but when we pray for the deepest desires of our heart yet seek His will, then we get

His further guidance & blessings, giving us joy & peace in our hearts. ???,” she shared on Facebook.