Masbate VG Revil juggles life as a mom and public servant


She’s a hands on mom and at the same time a hands on Vice Governor.

Masbate VG Kaye Revil said that her baby Karisma is growing way too fast and has been on breastmilk since the baby was born.

“This Karisma girl smiles a lot & responds when talked to. Ahhh I’m in love with this baby. She’s really growing up fast too and I’m proud to share that she’s purely on breastmilk for over a month now,” Revil said.

“Most of the time she latches, but when I really have to go out for some meetings & errands, stored milk via Haakaa has been helpful,” she added.

The Masbate Vice Governor, meanwhile, said that she started pumping so that Karisma will have enough supply by the time her maternity leave ends.

“But you know, honestly, though I’ve been on leave for my recovery & taking care of baby, I haven’t left behind my being a mother too for my beloved Masbateños,” she said.

Revil said that her office has delivered services despite her on leave status and they are gearing up for more projects for Masbateños.

“My VG staff are still the busiest & we’ve had successful projects done & we are excited for more to come.God is with us, always,” she said.