Mayor Panaligan highlights Calapan’s achievements during his State of the City Address


Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan has touted the achievements of the city under his leadership during his State of the City Address yesterday.

Panaligan highlighted the awards received by the city in the previous years such as the 2017 and 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance from the Department of the Interior and Local Governments.

Calapan was also named 2017 Most Improved City in Competitiveness given by the Department of Trade and Industry
2017 and 2018.

It was also named One of the Most Competitive Cities in Resiliency given by the Department of Trade and Industry in 2017 and Regional Kalasag Award for Disaster Management in 2017.

The City also bagged 2017 and 2018 Green Banner Award for Outstanding Nutrition Programs.

Panaligan also said that the city has implemented a faster and simpler system of business registration and renewal

“Many investments were registered and new business establishments were opened such as malls, new bank branches, food chains, retail stores, power plant and motor vehicle service centers,” Panaligan said.

“Micro and small enterprises were assisted and given support financially and in marketing of their product
*Livelihood assistance programs were launched such as KalapangKabuhayan Program,” the mayor added.

He also touted the peace and order program being implemented and its drug rehab program

Panaligan also said that 40 CCTV cameras installed in major streets of the city and 20 more CCTV cameras are expected to be installed this year.

He also added that under the BUILD program or Building Infrastructure for Local Development, the city has spent P427 million 2016 to 2018 for various infrastructure projects such as road concreting, bridge construction, drainage construction, farm to market roads constriction, flood control projects, seawalls, dikes, gymnasium and covered courts, school buildings, irrigation facilities at multipurpose buildings.

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