Flu downs Naga Mayor John Bongat


Maybe it’s the cold air, maybe it’s his busy schedule.

But Naga Mayor John Bongat came down with the flu and took some time to rest.

It was one way to be relieved of the daily grind, though he hopes to get well soon because there are still a lot of activities on his plate, he said in a Facebook post.

He is trying his best to improve his condition through water therapy. He drinks a lot of water mixed with salt, he said.

Will it work? We shall see.

Get well soon!

“AKO NA MAN TINAMAAN NIN FLU since last night kaya rest ngona. What a way to be relieved from the daily grind. Hope I will be well by tonight in time for tomorrow’s hectic schedule. Water therapy asin pahingalo tanganing makarecover tulos. #TaoLang,” Bongat posted.