Naga Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion leads his slate in calling for clean polls


These potential future leaders of Naga don’t want their victories tainted by blood and violence.

Naga Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion, who is running for mayor, led his Team Naga slate in the unity walk, prayer rally, and covenant signing for Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful and Peaceful (CHAMP) elections.

Joining Legacion are his vice mayoralty candidate Cecilia De Asis and their councilors.

They presented a united front as they vowed to fight cleanly in the May polls.

Let’s hope there would be no violence!

“ELECTION PERIOD starts today with a Unity Walk, Prayer Rally and Covenant Signing for a Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful and Peaceful [CHAMP] elections. With my team as mayoral candidate of #TeamNaga are Vice Mayorable Cecilia Veluz De Asis and re-electionists &/or aspiring councilors #1 Gregorio Abonal, #3 Mila Raquid Arroyo, #4 Elmer S. Baldemoro, #5 Niemi Vidal Castillo, #7 Salvador del Castillo, #8 Joselito Del Rosario, #10 Jun Lavadia, #14 Jose Perez, #16 Jose Sonny Rañola, and #18 Ghiel Rosales,” Legacion posted.