Don’t give up! Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza says there’s no limit to trying to reach your dreams


They say third time’s a charm, but sometimes, it’s the fourth try that can change your life.

On Facebook, Brooke’s Point Councilor Ton Abengoza shared an inspiring video about never giving up.

Along with this, he shared his own inspiring life lesson. He said that in his political career, he lost three consecutive times when he tried to seek public office.

He was finally victorious on his fourth try.

According to him, it was best to focus on your goal, otherwise obstacles are all you will see.

He never took his eyes off the prize, and he eventually got it!

“Watch this short video clip and you’ll find a great lesson in life:


Same thing happened to me before, in my political career, i lost 3 consecutive times in my quest to serve my beloved town, but i won on the 4th try!

Truly, if you take your eyes OFF the goal, OBSTACLES are what you see!,” Abengoza posted.