Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia learns from and bonds with Air Asia top honcho


Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia now has friends in high places.

Onrubia met Air Asia top honho Tony Fernandes during her leadership workshop with the Obama foundation in Hawaii and she sure learned a lot from him.

In a Facebook post, Onrubia said Fernandes coached her in a design thinking activity. What she learned was that opportunities are ever present, and leaders must know how and when to tap those.

They must also learn to turn challenges into opportunities, she added.

She also heard good news from him. Air Asia will be flying to and from Albay soon.

It was definitely an enriching interaction!

“Gained a lot from my interaction with this established leader in Asia Pacific. He sat and coached me in one of the design thinking activities we had. One striking lesson from him was this: “The opportunies are there, are now in place. As a leader, you must learn how and when to tap those, and you must be able to turn challenge/barrier into opportunity.”

Thanks so much, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes! 😊 And oh, I’ve realized just now, I was wearing your airline color that day. ❤😉

By the way, he told me, AirAsia will fly to and from Albay very soon.

#ObamaFoundationLeadersDesignWorkshop,” Onrubia shared on Facebook.