Work goes on for Daraga Mayor Awin Baldo


After being accused of masterminding the killing of his political rival Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe, Daraga Mayor Carlwyn “Awin” Baldo has returned to work.

Baldo has denied orchestrating the murder.

In a Facebook post, Baldo shared that he went about his usual activities as mayor.

He said he met with the executive committee, where they discussed the localized healthcare program and the expansion of tis coverage to provide better health services.

He also directed the local environment office to promote the proper management and use of a materials recovery facility in every barangay. Another topic tackled was the public toilet in Daraga Park, which he said would be renovated.

As part of his promise to provide quality education for the youth, he ordered the opening of several scholarship slots.

Baldo may be facing a major criminal case, but that doesn’t mean he has to stop working in the meantime.

“Regular EXECOM clustered meeting at the Daraga Municipal conference room

We have discussed the implementation of the localized healthcare program in order to expand our coverage in providing effective health services to the community.

To further realize our vision of a clean and environment-friendly Daraga, I have directed MENRO to strictly promote proper Material Recovery Facility (MRF) management and implementation in every Barangay.

Also, the public CR located at Daraga Park will undergo renovation for maximum sanitary thrust.

Furthermore, in our commitment in providing quality education to our youth, I have directed the Daraga Human Resource & Development Center (DHRDC) to open several indispensable scholarship slots,” Baldo posted on Facebook.